LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Suite of Patent Analytics Tools

PatentAdvisor offers a powerful suite of services that allows you to practice smarter, giving more predictable results for both law firms and corporations to establish a strategic advantage over competitors.

The LexisNexis PatentAdvisor suite of patent analytics tools includes several powerful services designed to provide corporations and law firms with the solid information from the USPTO patent search database needed to make better strategic decisions. It brings patent information and efficiency to the patent prosecution process, helping professionals develop higher quality IP in a more cost effective and timely manner.

PatentAdvisor™ brings predictive analytics to patent prosecution to help you practice smarter. The suite of services provides unique solutions for better patent portfolio management as well as products for more efficient prosecution of a single application. Our comprehensive patent portfolio management products are suited to patent attorneys running IP departments with both budget forecasting and portfolio tools. To improve your prosecution on patent applications, you will be able to understand how individual patent examiners and art units have responded to previous applications and to estimate the general workflow and timelines for those examiners. Evaluating historical patterns and patent examiner statistics allows IP attorneys to plan future strategies, enabling you to approach USPTO examiners with positions and tactics that have been successful in the past.

PatentAdvisor is designed for both law firms and IP-driven companies. It gives you patent analysis and statistics to understand what is normal for your examiner or art unit; this visibility into the USPTO search database can guide you in your patent strategies when deciding whether to file an RCE, abandon a patent, request an examiner interview or file an appeal.

The database for the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor service, PatentCore®, is proprietary to Reed Tech, a LexisNexis Company.