Label Publishing from SPL

Reed Tech℠ offers an easy–to-use, cost-effective service that makes creating and publishing label information faster and easier. Our label publishing services allow companies to:

  • Increase control and compliance of the label publishing process
  • Generate quick, accurate, and cost-effective publication-ready files
  • Change labels and publications more efficiently
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining in-house software and staff
  • Keep materials in a secure environment by using an encrypted Web portal for content transfers

SPL XML Publishing Solution

Our SPL XML Publishing Solution quickly, accurately and efficiently migrates FDA-approved Content of Labeling into print- and web-ready content.

  • Re-use your SPL XML content and improve the quality and control of published drug label information (such as USPI, Brief Summary and brochures) by ensuring that the FDA-approved version of your label is the one used for all of promotional materials
  • Save time and money by using one source document; with it there will be no need to proofread and cross-check multiple versions of a drug label between marketing and manufacturing departments
  • Combine the Publishing Solution with the Reed Tech Printing Solution to more efficiently print and deliver materials where they are needed

To learn more about Label Publishing from SPL,
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