Website and Social Media Archiving

In today’s world, much of human knowledge is coded and created electronically. Just as papyrus and paper presented preservation issues in the past, the shift to digital information comes with its own preservation challenges. It is easily corrupted and vulnerable to alteration that may be difficult to detect, and storage media evolves quickly and often cannot be used without proprietary software.

Reed Tech℠, a LexisNexis® company, offers powerful, full-featured archiving services to protect and preserve digital material, including fully-functioning websites and social media platforms.

While many organizations save electronic content as a PDF file or onto a hard drive, those files are simply back-up copies. Reed Tech services are different. They preserve websites and social media exactly as they appeared on the date that they were saved. Websites remain functional and are able to be searched and indexed. Content is forensically sound; protected from being modified after it has been preserved.

First deployed in 2006, Archive-It™ is a subscription web archiving service from The Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library dedicated to the mission of “universal access to all knowledge.” Archive-It helps organizations to harvest, build, and archive collections of digital content. Through a user-friendly web application, Archive-It customers can collect and catalog content and manage their collections of archived content with 24/7 access and full-text search available for their use as well as that of their patrons. Content is safely and securely hosted and stored at the Internet Archive data centers. The archived content is available to the general public in perpetuity with restricted access options available. The Internet Archive provides the subscription web archiving service Archive-It. It helps non-profits and government organizations gather, create and archive digital content. Reed Tech, a LexisNexis company, jointly markets and sells this service with the Internet Archive and supports the growing number of organizations using it.

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