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Webinar Recording: Predicting Medical Device Recalls


Is predicting medical device recalls possible?

In this presentation, we review some compelling research that indicates-yes!

Did you know? We have been designing and curating an expansive database of medical device companies and products since 2016. Review an overview of our proprietary database, initial research hypothesis, methodology and the results from some of our trials to reveal some leading indicators for the potential of a recall. 

Navigator for Medical Devices

The presenters provide a summary of research into the topic of predicting medical device recalls and the agenda includes:

  • An overview of a proprietary database of medical device companies and products
  • Predictive analytics methodology
  • Leading indicators of a medical device recall
  • Which devices are at the highest risk for recall in the coming year across all industries
  • How advance notice of a potential recall could help your business
  • Polling on current awareness (view results in recording)

Presenter: Rachel Benway, Product Manager, Reed Tech, leads product development initiatives related to Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices and Reed Tech Navigator™ for Drug Labels.

Presenter: Gary Saner, Sr. Manager of Information Solutions, Reed Tech, is a subject matter expert on UDI and other structured content submissions to regulatory agencies. 

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