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Meet the Team-Michael Cathcart


Meet the Team at Reed Tech

Michael Cathcart, Account Executive, Medical Devices


ReedTech.comQ: What aspects of your job are most motivating?

A: My favorite part of working with products at Reed Tech is the way they are able to improve the lives and work flow process for our clients. Many medical device companies are faced with a significant burden when complying with UDI requirements in the US and now, around the globe. It is rewarding to help customers make sense of the mandates and discover ways to streamline their processes with technology.


Q: What kinds of customer challenges do you like to solve?

A: Often, I work with small organizations where the Regulatory Affairs contact has to wear many different hats and does not have the time or bandwidth to understand the nuances of the UDI requirements facing their organization. Regulatory Affairs has so many aspects to consider: timing, resources, budgets, validation, varied regulatory authorities and business rules; it’s a lengthy checklist. I help to simplify the process and free them up to address the many other tasks on their plate associated with running a company. 


Q: What is a little known fact about you?

A: My main hobbies include writing and painting. I have combined both in an art form known as “Blackout Poetry” where I take a page from a book or newspaper, select a few words that together create a poem, and black out the remaining words, leaving only my found poetry.

Michael Cathcart

Account Executive, Reed Tech Life Sciences

Michael has been an Account Executive at Reed Tech since 2018, focusing on sectors related to regulatory and product data management for medical devices. He is well-versed in UDI requirements and product lifecycle processes related to data capture, transformation and submission activities. Michael received his undergraduate degree from Temple University and is currently working toward an MBA, slated to graduate in August 2020.

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