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Unique Device Identification (UDI) Update for South Korea


Are UDI requirements in South Korea similar to other health regulators?

The short answer is ‘not exactly’. In this episode of Reed Tech Insights, we discuss the legislation, policy, timing and data attributes involved in the South Korean Unique Device Identification (UDI) system. South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has set up a system to help track the reporting of adverse events related to medical devices and introduced UDI requirements for implementation starting in 2019 for high-risk devices.

Listen to the short video below for the latest update on current deadlines. Also, learn about expected timing for UDI reporting and requirements for on-label by class and Track & Trace requirements.

5:30 min duration

Navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements for UDI for the US FDA or other global health authorities can quickly become a burden. Get in touch with the expertise at Reed Tech for help. email us: 

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