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Recall Prediction: Cardinal Health Monoject Flush Prefilled Syringes

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Medical Device Safety and Quality | 0 comments

The Recall Prediction Model data continues to show promise as we see additional prediction markers for active recalls in the market.

On August 23rd, FDA logged public information for a recall of Monoject Flush Prefilled Syringes (0.9% sodium chloride), a product in the Cardinal Health portfolio. This syringe device is used to flush out various types of intravenous (IV) tubing and other devices that provide access to the blood vessels (intravascular access devices) for the delivery of fluids and medication to patients. The prefilled syringes contain preservative-free saline and are of one-time use.

Per the FDA site, the recall reason has to do with the syringe’s plunger possibly pulling air into the syringe after a health care provider has pushed out (expelled) the air. See the FDA website for the exact product codes and description.

In the recent update to the Recall Prediction Model project, we see a prediction score of ‘1’ for this product. The model has indicated that a recall was highly likely and predicted.

Cardinal Health Recall Prediction

The Recall Prediction Model Project uses publicly available data and a machine learning algorithm to provide statistical trends for the probability of a recall. The model’s FDA source data is derived from the normalized and cleansed analytical database of Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices.

This is an additional recall event predicted by the Recall Prediction Model. The progress shown by the model is encouraging. By utilizing aggregated public data, it may be possible to make better, more informed decisions to mitigate risk and ultimately improve patient safety. We will continue to update the model and report on recall prediction progress as events occur.

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