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White Paper: Global & EU UDI Data Management Challenges & Solutions

Mar 19, 2019 | Global Data Synchronization Network, Medical Devices, Unique Device Identification

The UDI product data submission process can be arduous without the right expertise and tools. Failures in the process can have a significant, negative impact on a medical device manufacturer’s bottom line. In light of regulatory and marketplace demands, proactive manufacturers are implementing UDI product information management systems to answer these diverse and growing challenges.

Global Medical Device UDI Data Management Challenges & Solutions

A White Paper

Key takeaways:

  • Medical device manufacturers face increasing requirements for UDI product information
  • The UDI product information submission process is complex and problematic
  • Reference listing of the leading regulators and commercial organizations that are implementing UDI data submissions
  • Product information management systems solve the growing UDI data management complexities

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