Navigator for Medical Devices Consultants

Easily identify predicate devices that can be used to bring a new device to market through the FDA’s 510(k) application process

Navigator for Medical Devices Consultants

Navigator for Medical Devices Consultants helps manufacturers bring a new device to market or monitor their existing portfolio of devices requires access to transparent, comprehensive safety and quality data. Yet, accessing and evaluating this data can be a laborious and time-consuming process, limiting the number of projects that a consultant can manage. Now this research can be done in just a fraction of the time with Navigator for Medical Devices. Easily search and analyze FDA clearances, products, adverse event reports, guidance documents and more all at your fingertips. In just a few clicks you can quickly pin-point predicate candidates, understand competitors and monitor future safety events.

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Reed Tech Navigator products mockups for multiple devices

At a glance, Navigator for Medical Devices Consultants can help:

Find competitor device clearances

Explore product clearances of competitive devices

Maintain a database with clean data

Trust that you have access to clean data to understand reported product problems, adverse event reports, recalls and their causes

Easier to find FDA Codes

Discover FDA product codes

Identify best predicate devices

Identify the best predicate device – search 510(k)s by intended use, indication for use, and more

Get guidance

Seamlessly identify applicable guidance documents

Did you Know? Find Predicates and Successors with Reed Tech Navigator for Medical Devices. Watch the video now. 

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Access to search by FDA Product Code, Manufacturer Name, Intended Use, and more:

  • Product Search: search by K Number, PMA Number and Device Type with advanced filtering to refine results.
  • Clearance Search: quickly search by K Number, De Novos Number, Device Description, or Intended Use/Indication for Use, a feature only found in Navigator.
  • Adverse Events: search by Report Number, MDR Report Key or Initial Event Date with additional filters to refine results sets.
  • Watchlists: monitor new events for selected products or separately, for selected clearances.

Understand the trends for medical safety and quality—then use that knowledge to better inform risk management, product design, market research, post-market surveillance and regulatory intelligence.

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