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Records Management

Records Management

Reed Tech has a reputation for excellence in building record-keeping systems required to provide highly accurate and efficient citizen services

Records Management Alignment

Aligning people, processes and technology

Our records management subject matter experts understand how to align people, processes, and technology to be able to handle millions of various types of records to improve cycle times, reduce errors and improve citizen satisfaction. Our experience spans the highly technical expertise required to process patent applications to the high-stakes security of housing veteran medical records held in classified locations.

Web Archiving

Preserve your organization’s cultural history for generations to come

Websites represent what we are and what we believe. Over time, they depict the cultural history of an organization. Web archiving can help preserve these memories for future generations. We have helped the government transition from paper-based to digital records, and developed electronic case management systems that provide ease of data workflow, classification, archiving, digitizing data and record keeping in data center. Each article is indexed, tagged, searchable to retrieve physical and digital documents swiftly when needed. Our life cycle records management approach assesses the value of information, how long data should be retained, and in what format and device information should be stored in given its value.

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