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Medical Device Market Research & Analysis

Advanced Market Research for the Medical Device Industry

Fuel your market research efforts with data-driven insights into competitive trends and industry benchmarks

Evaluate Medical Device Safety and Quality with Data Analytics
How can you analyze market risks for a particular type of medical device with Navigator?
  • Perform due diligence for acquisitions or new product development
  • Establish a competitive advantage by addressing weaknesses or developing a superior product
  • Easily filter data to see industry benchmarks to understand reported product problems, recalls and their causes
  • Gain actionable insights to mitigate risks and update your product strategy
Drowning in Big Data: Extract Medical Device Quality and Safety Insights

Request your custom device product review

*Please note, we are currently only able to extend this offer to medical device manufacturers

*Sample data report from Navigator

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices

A new way to derive actionable insights throughout the medical device product lifecycle.

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Risk Management

Practice vigilance in identifying and managing product risks. Learn More

Market Research

Fuel your market research with data-driven insights into industry benchmarks and competitors. Learn More

Product Development

Inform product design and risk mitigation with a clean and comprehensive dataset. Learn More

Regulatory Intelligence

Simplify your predicate search and regulatory monitoring process. Learn More

Post-Market Surveillance

Quickly spot trends to understand how your product compares to competitors and industry benchmarks. Learn More

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