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Government Sectors

Government Sectors

Enabling the US government to implement transformative change and improve citizen services

Sectors Supported

Reed Tech can support many facets of our government as they seek more streamlined and efficient ways to understand data and serve our citizens

We offer capabilities to support the following sectors:


Federal Civilian

The federal government is constantly trying to do more with less. The challenge lies with meeting increased agency demands while dealing with fewer IT dollars and limited internal program resources. Government organizations must also deal with complex cyber security threats as they face increasing demands for public access to their data and information systems.

Federal Health

The US government plays a key role in the health care ecosystem as a provider, funding agent and regulator. They strive to fulfill their mission of providing affordable, accessible, high-quality health care. Like their private-sector counterparts, federal health officials will continue to grapple with the dual challenges of controlling costs while providing consistent, quality medical treatment and managing the electronic medical records of citizens.

National Security

The management of risk to information systems is considered fundamental to effective cyber security. The risks associated with any attack depend on three factors: threats (who is attacking), vulnerabilities (the weaknesses they are attacking), and impacts (what the attack does). Most cyberattacks have limited impacts, but a successful attack on some components of critical infrastructure could have significant effects on national security, the economy, and the livelihood and safety of individual citizens.

State & Local

To keep up with a society that is becoming a more connected, on-demand, self-service culture, it is important that both constituents and government agencies have access to important resources and the ability to interact with local government service entities. As expectations for public services increase, it becomes critical to improve the delivery and process of public sector operations.

Non-profit & Academia

Most organizations, both non-profit and academic, in today’s rapidly transforming global environment find it difficult to obtain the necessary IT resources to maintain the constant innovation and change required to survive and thrive. These environments can prove to an extremely difficult, with shrinking appropriations for institutions and rising costs for private entities and expectations on non-profits to serve associations’ needs.

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