Drug Label Research & Analytics

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Drug Labels

Preview Navigator™ for Drug Labels to learn how you can create accurate and up-to-date drug product content.

Navigator™ for Drug Labels combines US and centralised EU human drug label databases with advanced search, comparison, analysis and alerts tools


  • Search nearly 500,000 drug labels
  • Branded and generic prescription drugs
  • Biologics and over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Homeopathic and herbal products
  • Set up alerts for updates in your Personal Library

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Quickly and easily access the entire sets of FDA-approved prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) and homeopathic drug products and EU centralised prescription drug products

Navigator™ for Drug Labels helps pharmaceutical regulatory researchers ensure accurate and up-to-date drug label content.

Search the database using a single word or leverage up to seven categories and 90+ parameters to build a multi-dimensional search. Conduct side-by-side label comparisons of up to five labels to analyze similar products or previous label versions and discover acceptable usage changes. Monitor competitor products and recently-approved labels with LabelTrack, delivering personalized email alerts.


  • Review up to 5 labels at a time
  • Select 2 labels to compare and with 1 click see the highlighted view of differences

Navigator™ for Drug Labels Features

Regulatory Intelligence

Research and produce labels in line with corporate and industry standards.

  • Conduct advanced searches of comprehensive US (Rx, OT, and homeopathic) and EU-centralised (Rx) human drug label databases
  • Access nearly 500,000 historical and current drug labels, compare them side-by-side, and monitor them for changes
  • Be confident in the most current, comprehensive information available with daily database updates

Streamlined Label Creation

Research and produce labels in line with corporate and industry standards

  • Ensure global locations produce labels in line with corporate standards and industry standards
  • Compare up to five labels at a time by section as well previous versions of a drug label
  • Track label updates to ensure consistent data and formatting across multiple suppliers

Market Research

Bolster your market research efforts with insights into competitor products and reference drugs.

  • Perform due diligence for acquisitions or new product development
  • Gain actionable insights into competitors’ products
  • Establish a competitive advantage

Case Development and Litigation

Research and procure documentation to support case development and litigation

  • Support case development and due diligence
  • Perform language analysis to determine acceptable communications
  • Research language changes by label version