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How to Utilize an Authorized Representative in UDI Submissions to Health Regulators

For medical device manufacturers and distributors, UDI product data submission to Health Authorities/Regulators is a multi-step process with rules and goals, much like a ‘team sport’.My local affiliate (Authorized Representative) handles UDI in that region, how can we...

Unique Device Identification (UDI) Update for South Korea

Are UDI requirements in South Korea similar to other health regulators? The short answer is 'not exactly'. In this episode of Reed Tech Insights, we discuss the legislation, policy, timing and data attributes involved in the South Korean Unique Device Identification...

How to Navigate Health Canada XML PM Requirements

Reed Tech kicked off 2021 with a January webinar to update customers with the most recent information about Health Canada XML PM mandates and how to best navigate them. In the webinar, hosted by Business Review Webinars, Gary Saner, Sr. Manager, Information Sciences,...

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