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Updated Survey Shows Most Are Continuing Preparation for EU EUDAMED

Polls conducted May 20, 2021 Survey ResultsAre you as a medical device manufacturer, in the middle of preparing for the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)? Many are trying to figure out their response to the European Commission's notice that the EUDAMED launch was...

Over-the-Counter Drug Product Monographs: What you need to know

Reed Tech recently hosted the first in a series of OTC-focused webinars featuring Reed Tech subject-matter experts and some of our industry friends and colleagues. The series is scheduled to take place throughout the summer. This first webinar, featuring Gary Saner...

Reed Tech SingleSource™ for Drug Products and Schlafender Hase® TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®

Reed Tech and Schlafender Hase® are leaders in the life sciences industry, working together to help ensure that pharmaceutical companies and their products are compliant with global regulatory standards. Both companies understand and solve industry challenges with...

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