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Reed Tech Navigator™ for Drug Labels

A comprehensive drug label digital reference solution

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Drug Labels combines a U.S. human drug label database with advanced search, comparison, analysis and alerts tools

Quickly and easily access the entire set of FDA-approved prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) and homeopathic drug products.

Regulatory Intelligence
Simplify your drug label monitoring processes
Conduct advanced searches of a comprehensive U.S. human drug label database
Access 200,000+ historical and current drug labels, compare them side-by-side, and monitor them for changes
Be confident in the most current, comprehensive information available with daily database updates

Navigator for Drug Labels helps pharmaceutical regulatory researchers ensure accurate and up-to-date drug label content.

Search the database using a single word or leverage up to seven categories and 90+ parameters to build a multi-dimensional search. Conduct side-by-side label comparisons of up to five labels to analyze similar products or previous label versions and discover acceptable usage changes. Monitor competitor products and recently-approved labels with LabelTrack, delivering personalized email alerts.

Market Research
Bolster your market research efforts with insights into competitor products and reference drugs
Perform due diligence for acquisitions or new product development
Gain actionable insights to competitors products and update your product strategy
Establish a competitive advantage by addressing weaknesses or developing a superior product

Navigator for Drug Labels drives marketing strategies forward, helping organizations maintain competitive label intelligence and perform due diligence for acquisitions and product development.

Pinpoint your drug label searches with filters, including the Reference Label Drug filter. Receive real-time label update notifications to help maintain competitive intelligence. Track compliance to corporate brand standards across a product portfolio.

Streamlined Label Creation
Research and produce labels in line with corporate and industry standards
Ensure global locations produce labels in line with corporate standards and industry standards
Compare up to five labels at a time by section as well previous versions of a drug label
Track label updates to ensure consistent data and formatting across multiple suppliers

Navigator for Drug Labels helps drug product label authors guarantee conformance to standards across global organizations.

Ensure data and formatting consistency across multiple suppliers while reducing label change errors by staying up-to-date on new label submissions. Streamline research efforts by comparing up to five labels or versions side-by-side.

Case Development & Litigation
Research and procure documentation to support case development and litigation
Support case development and due diligence for litigation, medical malpractice and drug product liability
Perform language analysis to determine acceptable communications
Research language changes by label version

Navigator for Drug Labels provides a single tool for law firms researching drug label information to support case development and due diligence for drug patent litigation, medical malpractice and drug product liability.

Collect documents, analyze and compare language changes by label version, delineate first inclusion of disclosure, warning and side effect. Save your searches to create chronologies of label versions and streamline your research.

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