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Webinar Recording: Navigator for Medical Devices – An easier way to do research

by | Apr 2, 2019

If you routinely access FDA databases, you know it can become time-consuming to pin-point exactly what you are looking for. In this webinar (originally recorded December 11, 2018 and co-hosted with Joe Hage at Medical Devices Group), you will see how Reed Tech has designed Navigator for Medical Devices to efficiently serve many use cases for med device professionals.

From regulatory intelligence, conducting industry benchmarking and competitive comparisons, preparing risk analysis, to prepping for 510(k), Navigator creates savings in time and effort.

Presenter Rachel Benway, Product Manager at Reed Tech, explains how Navigator integrates multiple FDA databases and normalizes key words. The tools for searching and filtering recalls, adverse event reports and FDA clearances are real time-savers. Users can also set watchlists and alerts to be notified when new events occur. What once took hours can now be accomplished in a few clicks. 

To view this demonstration based webinar, kindly fill in the form. You will be amazed how efficient medical device research becomes with Navigator for Medical Devices. 

Review a 3 minute excerpt from the webinar here! To see the full demonstration, fill in the short form below. Thank you!

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