Analyze Medical Device Safety, Quality and Regulatory Data

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices

Reed Tech Navigator™ gives you the power to analyze medical device safety, quality, and regulatory data

Understand the trends for medical safety and quality—then use that knowledge to better inform risk management, product design, market research, post-market surveillance and regulatory intelligence. Whether researching industry benchmarks or finding the best 510(k) predicate, Navigator™ provides insights into medical device safety, quality and regulatory data in a centralized solution.

FDA 510(k), Biologics & De Novos Single Search (with Predicates & Successors)

The answer to 510(k) Research – Navigator was created to aid in the search process and has made over 66,500 510(k), Biologic & De Novo PDFs searchable by intended use, indications for use and device description.

Unified Product View

Eliminate frustration and save hours compared to searching for risks related to a particular product across the FDA’s disparate databases.

Smart Search

Quickly find a specific product – or find all products of a particular type – and see at-a-glance which has the most adverse event reports, recalls or warning letters.

Watchlists – Products and/or FDA Clearances

In just a few clicks, build a list of products you want to monitor on an ongoing basis for new information.

Head-to-Head Comparison Charts

Compare the quality and safety risks of your medical device products to competitors without additional analytics tools.

Navigator™ for Medical Devices is a unique, best-in-class solution designed to help:

Law Firms

Find the best predicates to expedite your 510(k) applications and discover and monitor safety events.


Easily identify predicate devices to bring a new device to market through the FDA’s 510(k) application process.


Find the best predicates for your client’s 510(k) applications and discover and monitor safety events.


Find predicate and successor devices and simplify your post-market surveillance efforts.


Monitor your inventory for new safety events and compare quality of devices before purchasing


Quickly identify product liability using data analytics to compare safety profiles of like devices.

“The more I search and filter in Navigator, the more impressed I am with the depth of insight it provides. There’s nothing else like it for trending Adverse Event Reports and quickly seeing an individual product as compared to the industry in the criteria of your choosing. The utilization of all the filtering possibilities, including the use of the FDA product codes and GMDN coding enables on-point reporting you can’t get anywhere else.”

– Mark Wasmuth, CEO, GMDN Agency

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