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Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Device Research

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Device Research

Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Device Risk Assessment

A new way to glean actionable insights from medical device quality, safety and regulatory data

Connectiv Innovation Awards Winner

Quickly Research Multiple Datasets

Quickly Research Multiple Datasets

Instantly Analyze Quality & Safety Metrics

Improve Market Intelligence

Deliver value throughout the device lifecycle

with Reed Tech Navigator

One Place for Everything

Risk Management

Practice vigilance in identifying and managing product risks.
Learn More

Market Research

Fuel your market research with data-driven insights into industry benchmarks and competitors. Learn More

Regulatory Intelligence

Simplify your predicate search and regulatory monitoring process. Learn More

Product Development

Informed product design and risk mitigation planning starts with a clean and comprehensive dataset. Learn More

Post-Market Surveillance

Quickly spot trends to understand how your product compares to competitors and industry benchmarks. Learn More

Unified Product View

Eliminate frustration and save hours of time compared to searching for risks related to a particular product across the FDA’s disparate databases.

Unified Product View
Smart Search

Smart Search

Quickly find a specific product – or find all products of a particular type – and see at-a-glance which has the most adverse event reports, recalls or warning letters.

Head-to-Head Comparison Charts

Compare the quality and safety risks of your medical device products to competitors’ without additional analytics tools.

Head-to-Head Comparison Charts
Benchmarking Against Industry Averages

Benchmarking Against Industry Averages

Benchmark your products and competitors’ against the average of similar products.


In just a few clicks, build a list of products you want to monitor on an ongoing basis for new information.


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Instant access to search by FDA Product Code, Manufacturer Name, Intended Use, and more:

  • Product Search: search by K Number, PMA Number and Device Type with advanced filtering to refine results.
  • Clearance Search: quickly search by K Number, De Novos Number, Device Description, or Intended Use/Indication for Use, a feature only found in Navigator.
  • Adverse Events: search by Report Number, MDR Report Key or Initial Event Date with additional filters to refine results sets.
  • Watchlists: monitor new events for selected products or separately, for selected clearances.

Understand the trends for medical safety and quality—then use that knowledge to better inform risk management, product design, market research, post market surveillance and regulatory intelligence.

White Paper: Evaluate Medical Device Safety and Quality with Data Analytics

Download this white paper to learn:


  • Barriers to conducting meaningful analysis
  • Steps to standardizing data for comparison
  • The available public sources for device safety and quality data

On-Demand Webinar: Extract Medical Device Quality and Safety Insights

There’s a daunting amount of data out there about medical device quality and safety. Public sources such as FDA and private databases house valuable information about adverse events, recalls, inspection findings and warning letters. But this data can be difficult and time-consuming to locate, standardize and compare.

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