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All Along the Watchlist-Voluntary Adverse Event Reports and more


If you monitor medical device products, that can mean waiting to receive notifications from the FDA or other entities to surface news about reported problems or recalls. With Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices, users can activate Product Alerts to receive email notifications whenever product events are reported. By setting a Product Alert for any products you have added to a Watchlist, you will be among the first to know if your device or a competing device may be subject to a reported hazard or risk.

Types of Product Alerts:

  • New Voluntary Adverse Event – An adverse event submitted directly to the FDA
  • New Device Problem – First instance of a device problem reported for a product
  • New Recall Event – First individual recall for a recall event

The alerts inbox is accessible via the bell icon on the top navigation toolbar. When there are new alerts in the inbox, the number of new alerts will be shown next to the bell (.) If there are more than 99 new alerts it will show 99+. To read an alert simply click anywhere on the row. Product Alerts are the latest time-saving feature available to users of Navigator.

Navigator is a versatile medical device research tool that serves many types of use cases for device professionals. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly research and analyze multiple datasets, benchmark quality and safety metrics and spot trends and insights for post-market surveillance and market intelligence. If you’d like to see a personalized demonstration, contact Reed Tech today.

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