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Reed Tech® Introduces Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices



Horsham, Penn. – April 10, 2017 – Reed Technology and Information Services Inc. (Reed Tech), a leader in data analytics and information services for the Life Sciences industry, announces the launch of Reed Tech Navigator™ for Medical Devices. Navigator is a new analytics and research solution that makes it easy to analyze and compare the safety and quality of tens of thousands of medical device products. This SaaS solution cuts significant time and frustration out of common research activities to deliver instant trending, benchmarking, and comparative analysis of medical device safety and other quality risks.

Navigator consolidates more than a dozen medical device sources into one easy-to-use interface and will expand over time to incorporate additional public and private data sources. The solution has been developed with a set of proprietary algorithms and processes to combine these sources into a broad, cleansed and enriched database of medium and high-risk medical devices approved or cleared by the FDA in the United States. Users will be able to review a continually updated set of safety and other quality incidents, including adverse event reports, recalls, warning letters, and other serious FDA enforcement actions and compare those results against industry benchmarks.

“Searching and analyzing existing medical device safety and quality data sources is laborious and time-consuming—the formats are not standardized and comparing one product against others is very challenging,” said Arshad Rahman, General Manager of the Reed Tech Life Sciences division. “Navigator was designed to enable access to many sources at once, facilitate easy searching and browsing, and provide in-depth analytics. Navigator is a groundbreaking solution that will enable the device industry to understand safety and quality trends more thoroughly so it can deliver better products to its customers and enhance patient safety and well-being.”

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