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Benefits of a Singular Global UDI Vendor

May 6, 2024 | EUDAMED, Featured, Medical Devices

In today’s global business landscape, regulatory compliance is of utmost importance. With different countries having varying regulations and requirements, it can be a daunting task to manage all the regulatory activities effectively. This is where having a singular vendor for all your global regulatory activities can be immensely beneficial.

Why A Singular Global Regulatory Vendor?

Recently a US UDI provider made the decision not to proceed with EUDAMED UDI support, but to hand off that support to their new partners. We realize this may have left some customers feeling uncertain about how this new development could impact the UDI submission processes and overall global UDI compliance strategy, especially now that the use of several parts of EUDAMED will become mandatory in the beginning of 2026.

As we continue to discuss optimal solutions to support the growth and compliance needs of industry, LexisNexis Reed Tech is committed to providing you with a single UDI vendor and platform. As such, below is a detailed analysis that highlights the tangible benefits of opting for a single, global end-to-end solution platform, compared to managing multiple vendor platforms.

Factor Single Global Platform Multiple Vendor Platforms Data Metrics
Cost of Compliance Unified compliance framework simplifies adaptation to global standards, reducing time and resource expenditure. Individual compliance checks for each system increase complexity and costs. 20-40% Cost Reduction
Vendor Management Simplifies management with one vendor relationship, reducing administrative overhead. Each vendor requires separate management, increasing administrative tasks and complexity. 10-20% Cost Savings
Scalability Designed for seamless scalability, allowing for easy upgrades or expansions without significant downtime or integration issues. Scaling can introduce integration challenges and compatibility issues between different systems. 15-30% Efficiency Gains
Operational Efficiency Better integration and fewer interfaces between functionalities enhance workflow and reduce errors. Potential for compatibility issues and data silos, which can lead to errors and decreased performance. 25-50% Lower Error Rates
Training and Support Easier and less costly in terms of training. Streamlined support with a single point of contact. Complex and costly training for multiple systems. Varied support quality and multiple contact points complicate troubleshooting and technical assistance. 30-50% Better ROI



These metrics underscore the significant advantages of a singular Global UDI platform- from cost savings and compliance to operational efficiency and return on investment. And this is where Reed Tech can help. UDI compliance is a core product for us, not just an add-on. Reed Tech is a stable, industry-leading UDI vendor with vast experience that offers a reliable, active global UDI data management and submission solution to US, EU, South Korea and China— with Saudia Arabia, Australia and other regions soon to be released. Our dedicated UDI experts provide the continuity and support you need in meeting current and imminent UDI compliance dates.

Reed Tech wants to ease your compliance challenges amidst the changing marketplace and specifically tailor our offerings to meet the needs of our customers.

Reach out to [email protected] or +1 (215) 557-3010 to learn more about streamlining your compliance efforts.